Holiday Wellness Gift Guide, Part 2: Flowering Qi Tea

Qi Tea

In China, the idea of Qi, is translated as ‘breath’ or life drive of all issues: the earth has Qi, vegetation have Qi, our pets have Qi, the air has it, the vegetation, every part has it. The meals we eat imparts Qi into us as does the tea we drink. It’s in every single place.

But, this Life Drive idea strikes into one other realm, as based on classical Chinese language philosophy, Qi is the drive binds all issues within the universe. It could be troublesome to conceptualize until one has studied conventional Chinese language medication, or TCM, the place Qi has two most important branches: the bodily or nourishing portion that consists of air, water, and meals.  The opposite department pertains to important fluids and the vitality itself that flows alongside the Meridian factors of the physique and serves the premise for acupuncture. To many, sure Chinese language teas include sturdy components of Qi that permits for higher wellness and well-being, because it maintains steadiness and movement by way of the meridians.

Not too long ago, we acquired a provide of flowering tea,  from an organization referred to as Qi Tea. The founder, Lisa Li, whereas visiting her Grandmother within the Yunnan province of China, drank her grandmother’s rose tea day by day, and was shocked by the ensuing emotions of higher wellness and well-being.  So, she returned to the US to assist create an organization that offered rose and different flowering teas to all. 

Qi Tea – The Shangri-La Rose Farm

Flowering teas are famous for his or her look a effectively as their taste. They’re usually manufactured from dried flower petals, and complete dried flowers.  The Qi teas are merely dried flowers, however bloom with perfume and a rebirth when infused by sizzling water. 

We had by no means tried an entire flower tea or blooming tea, so every Qi Tea was stunning, academic, and an important introduction to a sort of tea frequent to the East, however nonetheless rising in fame and curiosity within the West. 

 Within the Qi Tea packets, there are three dried flower teas: one is the Qi Shangri-La Rose tea, constituted of dried roses, that “bloom” when touched by sizzling water. The scent, after a couple of minute, is of roses, and the water within the glass pitcher or pot turns a deep rose, after stirring with bamboo tongs or a fork. Rose tea has been used to assist with belly ache, lack of urge for food, and irregular menstruation, and anxiousness. The Qi complete flower rose teas are picked from one-of-a-kind excessive mountain roses, cultivated in Shangri-La, a metropolis within the Yunnan province of China. This particular rose selection is thought for its high-level vitamins, flavonoids, and aroma as it’s from probably the most prized first decide of Spring.

One other within the Qi Tea packets is  Qi BLUE LOTUS TEA. Just like the elderflower, the blue lotus has been utilized in tea for millennia.  As soon as often known as the Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile, the Historic Egyptians used the flower in medication and celebration. It was additionally a logo of life and rebirth because the blue lotus blooms in murky waters one time a yr for 3 days. The style is exclusive, and if one has ever tried elderberries or black currants, it has the sort of tart, candy, acquainted, but vintage style.  

Qi Tea – Flowering Lotus Tea

Lastly, within the Qi Tea packet, is CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA

In China, chrysanthemum tea has been used to deal with fevers, dizziness, complications, irritated eyes, and hypertension.  The Qi Chrysanthemum tea additionally helps bronchial points.  Every complete flower within the tea packet is put instantly in sizzling water after which submerged. The flowers are often positioned instantly within the backside of the tea pitcher or pot earlier than being lined with sizzling water. 

The thought of and follow of brewing flowering tea could appear reasonably new to westerners however tea consuming and tea ceremonies are historical practices to many in sure areas of China. Books have been written on these ceremonies and rituals,, and Chinese language poets have defined their affection for tea, whether or not it’s flowering or leaf, or together.  

Qi Tea-Chrysanthemum Infusion

One poet, Lu Tong, wrote of the Seven Bowls of Tea?—?additionally referred to as The Music of Tea?—?is the proper instance of how fascinating the non secular dimensions, the Qi of tea may be.  Lu describes his change of moods: thirsty at first, then delighted and lightened, and ultimately impressed.  One would possibly now name his course of expertise one of many oldest types of mindfulness. Mount Penglai is an precise mountain, whereby Chinese language mythology, immortals are mentioned to have lived. Lu Tong was born in 790  and died in 835 AD. However his tea sensibilities dwell on.

Seven Bowls of Tea

The primary bowl moisturizes my dry lips and throat

The second bowl removes the loneliness in my coronary heart

The third searches dry streams of my soul to fill

The fourth vaporizes the ache of life’s inequities by way of my pores

The fifth purifies my thoughts

The sixth helps me to speak with immortals

The seventh provides me a sense of extraordinary pleasure

A breeze blows upon my arms

The place is Mount Penglai?

I lean upon this breeze and fly there.

Qi Tea

Qi Tea

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