Arsenal send poignant message as Thierry Henry deletes all social media over abuse – Mirror Online

Arsenal have backed Thierry Henry after his decision to quit social media amid continued abuse.

The former Gunner has deactivated all of his social media accounts as he called for more to be done in tackling online hate.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have come under the spotlight in recent months.

The platforms have been used to racially abuse several members of the footballing community.

Arsenal posted a picture of Henry’s no longer active Twitter profile and said: “This shouldn’t have to be the answer. #StopOnlineAbuse

The Frenchman, who recently left his role as Montreal Impact boss, has opened up on the motives behind his decision. 

Thierry Henry has quit social media
Thierry Henry has quit social media

He told CNN: “I wanted to take a stand and say that it is an important tool that unfortunately some people have turned into a weapon.

“Sometimes it can be colour, sometimes it can be how you look. Sometimes you can be how you dress.

“There are a lot of issues out there. But I was also thinking: ‘Do I wait or do I do something that I feel strongly about, about my kids, about my community and about what’s happening all there?

“There are people coming out with great statements but how do you stop all those comments going on your platform? How do you stop?

“My way was to come out of it until it’s a safe place.

“I’m not against talking. But at the end of the day, you need to deliver.”

Back in February the likes of the Premier League and the FA co-signed a letter sent to Twitter and Facebook chiefs asking them “for reasons of basic human decency” to use the power of their systems to end the abuse.

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