Angry Mourinho on fresh mole hunt over negative Spurs stories –

Jose Mourinho is on the hunt for another mole in the Spurs camp after negative stories emerged about his coaching methods, according to reports.

The Portuguese coach had over a decade of unbelievable success with Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid before taking charge of Manchester United and Tottenham recently.

He was heavily criticised during his time at United, but most recently in his current job at Spurs, for his style of play and out-dated approach to the modern game.

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Last month The Athletic claimed that while Mourinho ‘has not lost the whole dressing room yet, some of the team are increasingly unhappy with his approach’.

The report went on to say that his training methods were being criticised as they focused too heavily on defence with some players getting ‘bored and frustrated’.

And now the Daily Mail claims that Mourinho was ‘particularly unhappy’ to read those reports in February and he has ‘launched a mole hunt’ at Spurs to find out who has been leaking the ‘negative stories’.

Mourinho was said to be ‘angry’ at the claims of predictable training sessions and defended his coaching methods by saying they are “second to nobody in the world”.


Meanwhile, speaking on Friday, Mourinho said he has learned to deal with people questioning the methods of “one of the most important managers in the game”.

Mourinho said: “I don’t think anybody is going to discuss rocket science with the guys from NASA, with everybody around the world.

“They think they can discuss football with one of the most important managers in the game. That’s the beauty of football. I got used to it. I appreciate that. So that’s fine for me.”

The Portuguese boss has built up an army fans around the world, despite his recent flops in management, and he says they are part of the reason he keeps going.

Mourinho added: “Honestly I get my strength from myself but mainly from the people that I love and the people who I know they love me, even if many of them I don’t know them, I haven’t met them.

“I used to call them the Mourinistas, because in Portugal we use ‘ista’ in the end of the name of the club that we love, to express the support. For example if you are from Porto you say Portista, if you are from Benfica you say Benficista and if you are from Mourinho you say Mourinista.

“I have so many Mourinistas around the world that I play for them.”


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